About Logicx International Company Ltd.

Logicx international company limited is a Kenyan based company which also has its connections in The Netherlands. Logicx international company limited started as an import company specialised in top quality motor vehicles from UK and Japan. We currently offer a broad package of logistics solutions including import of motor vehicles and spare parts, clearing and forwarding, Road transport and comprehensive freight forwarding. Logicx international Company Limited is a member company of Kenya International Freight & Warehousing Association (KIFWA).


  • Mission: Dedicated to excellence in providing a complete logistics solutions package, meeting the company’s needs of our clients, being a responsible international company providing attractive opportunities to our employees and improving shareholder value.
  • Vision: Being the most trusted partner and sought after independent multi-functional logistics solutions provider. Helping our clients to optimize efficiency, performance, safety, and risk management of all their logistics requirements.
  • Values:           
    • Commitment
    • Excellence
    • Consistency in quality through quick service
    • Creativity through solutions
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty to the business

Logistics Services


Logicx international Company Limited offers some of the quickest and cost effective clearance times ...

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Sea Freight

Air Freight - International freight forwarding and arches boarder handling

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Sea Freight



Overland Transport

Transport Services

East Africa. - Full truck services to any destination in East Africa.

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Cargo Storage and Warehousing

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